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     Precision screening and filtering accuracy with slot openings as fine as .002 (.050mm) to .010 (.25mm), open areas from 2 to 20%. Standard material is type 316 stainless steel.

These screens feature:

  • Wedge shaped wire with eyelets aligned and fastened to cross bars
  • Laterally arranged spacing lugs to hold wires firmly, thus providing rigidity and eliminating lateral deflection
  • Increased flow capacity via large open area
  • Uniform, narrow slot width resulting in precise screening and filtering for higher efficiency

Sharp wire edges cut into a flowing stream, providing an efficient liquid reduction and solids separation. Available in flat panel, cylinders or unique fabricated shapes, these screens are used in applications such as:

  • Wet milling, where water/starch solution is separated from fibrous material
  • Processing sugar from cane
Pulp and paper
  • Food products
  • Distilling and brewing
  • Mineral treatment
  • Chemicals and petroleum
  • Sewage and waste water treatment
Aggregate and cement processing
     Designed and manufactured for fine screening and filtering applications, these screens are composed of shaped wedge wire with eyelets aligned and fastened with cross bars. Special features of profile wire screens include increased capacity because of large open area, optimum durability afforded by material rigidity attained through high-pressure shaping of the profile, and overall greater carrying capacity of both individual wires and entire sieve surface.       In addition, our profile wire screens are fabricated using spacing lugs to insure uniform slit width and therefore. accurate spacing. Screens utilizing these lugs guarantee uniformity, allow narrow slit width and result in precise screening and filtering for higher efficiency.

RIMA-Looped Profile Wire Screen

Maximum Screening Efficiency For Dewatering, Classifying, Filtering

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